DeGeThal Objectives
  • The purpose of our currency, DeGeThal, is to support the world of entrepreneurs
  • The connection between customer and success, a new way of ultra fast connection
  • We strongly believe in the development of the future regardless of economic factors, epidemiological or political
  • Bonus invitation plan between inial and early users
  • Smulation policies support the enthusiasm of acve users
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Main Features

Product Description

Crypto exchange platform accessible with compliant wallet regulations, ensuring transparency and protection fund

Based on your own crypto-DeGeThal currency, for the good course of daily payments

Built on blockchain, DeGeThal wallet allows the flow of crypto and FIAT coins

Support for crypto-FIAT transactions

Payment security is guaranteed by systems similar to banks security

Guaranteed access to the stored funds. Through exchange, the open banking and the digital wallet, there can be accessed a number of traditional financial institutions

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Token Ticker: DTM
Token Platform: Binance Smart Chain
SmartContract: 0x3868A245C4BdAC992D3dFa8c940f958a0371e9E0
Max. Supply (Hard Cap): 100,000,000
Available for Purchase: 50,000,000
Sale Platform TBD
Private Sale (Bonus 5%) 15.06.2021 - 15.07.2021
Pre-Sale Stage 1 15.07.2021 - 15.08.2021, 1 DTM ~ 0.20 USDT
Pre-Sale Stage 2 15.08.2021 - 15.09.2021, 1 DTM ~ 0.25 USDT
Pre-Sale Stage 3 15.09.2021 - 15.10.2021, 1 DTM ~ 0.30 USDT
Company Future

DeGeThal Roadmap


In Q4 2021 we are onboarding partners and extending the network of people interested in the adoption of DeGeThal. In view of the fast development of cryptocurrencies technology, we are continuing to build the network infrastructure, as well as working on creating new solutions for our partners.


Offering IDCM listing for a better interoperability of the new blockchain-based IDCM exchange infrastructure, offering the exchange services to our own network and partners. Extending the partner to partner business as well as the peer to peer interactions between our users. With the extension of our partner bIn this section we will detail our vision for success and the steps necessary to take in order to achieve it. We don’t want to see you waste your time on something that does not work for the long term. Our mission is to develop decentralized applications, blockchain-related services and currency systems, and provide a platform for all crypto projects to prosper!


Offering IDCM listing for a better interoperusiness we aim to extend our partner networks as well. At the same time we will be extending our partnerships with the platforms listing cryptocurrencies in order to bring DeGeThal to an increasing number of users.


The development of the payment application for the platform. Development of the DeGeThal wallet Developing the Binance listing in order to further extend our network of users, investors and enthusiasts. Blockchain development with intercross applications


The launch of our own blockchain Card payment integration (Visa and Mastercard) The development and integration of NFT capabilities to our users.

Executive Team

The people behind

A group of talented business men, IT professionals and blockchain experts.

Alin George Luca
CEO & Founder

Experienced business owner and tech professional.

Marian Oancea
CTO & Co-Founder

Former Ethereum developer and ConsenSys project manager.

Peter Kazen
Business Advisor

Early investor and successful business owner.

Jan Korevaar
Business Advisor

Early investor and successful business owner.

Rîtea Raul
Advisory Board Member

Concentrating on closing the informational and digital gap, his expertise in UX, the use of technology in civic and public structures and equity ensures that we will have the widest aplicability and availability for our users parners and ecosystem.

Madalin Muraretiu
Advisory Board Member

Understanding traditional markets and their cycles since 2011, trading and riding candle waves since 2013, crypto enthusiast starting 2016, involved in the growth and development of crypto projects.

Ciprian Ciceu
Advisory Board Member

With over 20 years experience in entrepreneurship, management, business planning, financial analytics and software engineering. CEO of BetraExchange and BeTrader Academy.

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Private sales 15.06.2021 - 15.07.2021.



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